Upgrade vShield Manager 5.1.2 to 5.5

After upgrading our vSphere to 5.5 I found that I was unable to install vShield appliances. We were using vShield 5.1.2 at the time and vShield manager said that a previous installation had failed and I was unable to deploy the appliances to the hosts. After a little google fu I discovered that there was the newer vShield 5.5 available so I decided to see if that solved my problem. Lo and behold that fixed it! Here are the simple steps that I took to upgrade.

1.    Download vShield Manager 5.5.0a Upgrade Bundle from VMware.
2.    From the Web GUI go to Settings and Reports and go to the Updates tab.
3.    Click on the Upload Upgrade bundle link, browse to the package that was downloaded and upload file.
4.    After the package is uploaded click the install button.
5.    After the vShield Manager reboots it should be at version 5.5.0a