Migrate static desktops to different Enterprise Manager in Horizon DaaS 6.1

I recently had to do a clean upgrade of our VMware Horizon Daas environment from 6.0 to 6.1.  I chose to go with the clean install at this point because when we first installed the product back when it was Desktone, there were a lot of tweaks done to the database by Dektone engineers to get it to work the way we wanted it to. Every time I did an upgrade from Desktone and eventually VMware it broke our production systems due to the tweaks they had done.  I was tired of going through that so now I have a nice clean install ready to put into production. I found out with a quick e-mail how to easily get the static desktops that were in the old Emterprise manager’s of our tenants into the new EM’s.

1. Assign DaaSold hosts and clusters to DaaSnew Desktop Manager
2. vmotion desktops over to DaaSnew hosts / clusters
3. Remove/unassign DaaSold hosts and clusters

Note: The desktops will be in the Imported Desktops pool they will just need to be moved to the pool of your choice in the new EM.

It was that easy and it worked!! Thanks Luke at VMware for that quick solution.


My Home Lab N40L

I just recently got a good working home lab up and running to help me with study for the VCP5 and VCAP5 VMware certifications. I have found it extremely helpful with studying as well as testing some theories for the production environment at work since they will not give me a good lab to play with there.

So I started with a HP N40l Micro Server.  It shipped as HP ProLiant N40L MicroServer Server System AMD Turion II Neo N40L 1.5GHz 2-Core 2GB (1 x 2GB) 1 x 250GB LFF SATA 658553-001.  I knew that the 2gb memory was  not going to be enough so I followed this great post by Chris Wahl and changed the memory to 16gb. The server has 2 CPU and one onboard NIC.  I am sure that I will be needing to add another host soon.


I installed ESXi 5.1 to get started then installed Autolab 1.0.  I am having trouble installing ver 1.1 so I will leave that for another post.

As I started working with the lab I found that storage was keeping me from doing some of the things that I wanted to do so I got a 1TB Western Digital Green HD to add to the server.  Now I am finding that I have the storage to do what I wanted to do but the IO is horrible! So the next step is to start rounding up some stuff to build a cheap NAS.  Hmmm another post.  The more I work with my new lab the more things I start thinking about to post.

Till next time.